Company Profile

SETH Intertrade Company limited is one of widely known in our good design products for home spa and Hotel Amenity supply. We are affiliation in the Bara Windsors Co., Ltd. Group which has had more than 60 Companies in different field of market segment and products from heavy Industries to services.

Founder of the company


We have had brand of “PASHA” for Project and Home usage. With a Company and Group history dating back for decades, and a reputation for excellence and reliability, PASHA has a presence in Prime Lifestyle and Home Decoration Shops and Department Stores in many Countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, India and Dubai.

In Thailand,we have a presence in all good selection of high Reputation and trendy Department Store and Lading Store in Bangkok such as, Central Department Store, The Siam Paragon, and The Emporium and will be in The Crystal Design Center, the newest and biggest Design product Mall on July, 2009.For the whole Country, we have had presences in all prime residential and tourist destination scattering around Thailand